Sitenna helps landlords market real-estate assets to operators

Sitenna's Digital Sales Platform allows you to manage your assets at scale


Map assets across your portfolio


Market assets to TowerCo's and operators


Manage site agreements, payments and access


Negotiate and contract directly with tenants

Sitenna's integrated payments means you never have to chase an invoice

Direct rent payments automatically reconcile. No late payments and no chasing. Tap into incremental revenues and watch 5G rolling out, benefitting communities

Sitenna underpins contracting to both TowerCos and directly to Operators

Map your assets

  • Streetworks
  • Rooftops
  • Greenfield

Market your sites

Market the assets that you wish to monetise

Negotiate with tenants

Communicate and negotiate directly with tenants, share documents, agree terms and contract

Manage your sites

  • Available sites
  • Sites under negotiation
  • Sites under agreement (incl. payments and access)

Unlock 5G deployment​ and generate additional revenue

Generate revenue from existing assets without increasing costs

Effortlessly grow your ability to manage telecom assets at scale, without significant increase in cost. Ensure on-time payments with our integrated payment platform and support seamless reconciliation.

View and manage assets in one location

All your assets, whether street works, rooftops or greenfield, in one easy to use platform. See all contracts and payments, communicate directly with tenants, and manage site access.

Speed up 5G deployment

Speed up deployment of 5G in your community. Enhanced connectivity, including rural coverage, will unlock the digital potential of the local economy